Can You Tell If He Likes You? Here are the signs

The Signs

Hello and welcome. Actually, you don’t need to know this, however this is important for the corollary of this month. So, count your blessings, because you should smoke em if you got em. I know I wouldn’t leave here to go to the guys in a flying camel car. Sometimes the noses and ears will blush, but don’t look at that scenic way in such a way, instead, pick up the guy in the greener pastures. Trust me, life is funny and there are potholes and seatbelts digging into your neck bones. That’s life! Now read on more for how to tell if a guy likes you.

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Ah, you could ask for friend advice on learning if a guy likes you or not. Beware though, this advice will only bring you from the top to the bottom. Albeit your friends have the bestest of good intentions I know that for sure, good intentions don’t always lead to the best or even favorable results. In fact, it’s best to avoid friend advice at all times and not pay attention to it. They will lead you down a horrid and terrible path that you will maybe forever regret. So, listen to your heart. Your heart knows, it will get tough trust me. I know, but when you want a guy, you have to listen to your heart! Follow it my friend.

Also, never look to your parents for your advice. Oh no. Certainly don’t look to the mainstream media advice either as it will lead you down a wrong road, and that’s the worst rocky road! More on advice you shall follow.

My advice to you? Wait for a man to sweep you off your feet so that you no longer have to worry about how to tell if a guy likes you. I’m just kidding! No need to do that when all you have to do is brush your hair like an emo and look prettier so that guys who are real men will want to pick you up. Also, never give up on yourself. It’s okay to give up on others because they’re haters but if you want guys then you must first of all never give up on yourself. I’m glad you got that. Great, next one let’s read!

Pay close and special attention to your image for the image is the most important in the game of attraction and in the mindgame of this. It’s really simple actually. No need to overcomplicate it. Just be attractive. And secondly, don’t be unattractive. So, that concludes it for now.

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